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Christian Hedonist from St. Louis, Author of "Duncan Ross and the Follies of Haven Island."

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#heloswag loves his #halloween costume! He kept looking at himself in the mirror. We can’t wait!!! #pixar #buzzlightyear #disney

Today is an end of an era. My parked car got struck down by a dosing-off driver. Insurance came to the rescue, and the culprit didn’t run away. My blue beauty was swept away to the car afterlife today where she will spend eternity driving on streets (they have no name there) paved in gold. Rest in pieces.

Cuteness overload. #Heloswag daycare class picture.

#beard #selfie

Before there was #Heloswag, there was #Bradyswag.

Bye, Balloon. #Heloswag

Yes, @relevantmagazine and #nickofferman!!

I can tell that I’m going to love this book already. #reimaginingchurch by Frank Viola.

Yesterday, #Heloswag and I rode the Metrolink. Why? Because Choo-choo’s. That’s why.

#Heloswag and #hyperlapse were made for each other. Always fun at Francis Park. (at Francis Park Saint Louis Hills)

3 cool guys watching #Monstersinc. #heloswag #disney #pixar

I’m watching Monsters, Inc.

“Movie night with #HeloSwag”

Check-in to Monsters, Inc. on tvtag


Who am I, mother? Who am I and what do I do?


Who am I, mother? Who am I and what do I do?

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Produced and Performed by Chance The Rapper, Peter Cottontale, Nate Fox, Donnie Trumpet & Stix for Social Experiment

Additional Keys by: Francis Farewell Starlite

Additional Vocals from: Wyclef Jean, Francis & The Lights, Jesse Ware, Elle Varner, Eryn Allen Kane, The O’my’s, Peter Cottontale & Donnie Trumpet

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